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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hi! Sorry I am a few days late! We had a super busy week and I am just now able to get back to posting. We had our 3D ultrasound yesterday which was amazing. I never get tired of seeing her and I think it really helps my husband connect with her. With Nahla, he felt a bond right away because she moved all the time. Kicking, sticking out body parts, he would lightly nudge her and she would nudge back - it was great for him. With Aria, she really never moves...almost to the point that it worries me. I get in enough kicks for my daily kick count but that is it. Maybe she will be my calm baby? Because Natalie definitely had a lot of energy then and has a ton of energy now.

Anyway! Here is a comparison picture of both the girls at their 3D ultrasounds:

 I can't get over how alike they look. I mean, it really shouldn't surprise me, they are sisters but I guess I just wasn't expecting to see so much of Natalie in her. Not complaining, in my very humble parental opinion, I think my little Natalie is just the cutest little thing ever <3

Next - 28 weeks! This week has been great, one of my closest friends is getting ready to give birth to her 2nd son and I cannot wait to see his little face. I am so so excited for them. I really wish I lived closer to them so I could meet him but hopefully she and her family will be moving back shortly and our kiddies can be best friends! As far as my pregnancy, I am definitely starting to feel big, but am still able to do things to I am trying to do as much as possible now. I packed my hospital bag this week, which sounds crazy. I didn't pack one for Natalie and I regretted it as soon as I got to the hospital. I forgot silly things, like shampoo and was annoyed the whole time about it. I wanted to look pretty for pictures! My husband also took a few maternity photos this week, but I will do that in a separate post! (Thanks to pinterest, my 28 week photo was inspired from this blog)

Have a great day!!


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