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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Favorites for Baby: The First Year

Now that Natalie is one, I wanted to make a list of my absolute favorite items that made her first year that much easier. As the first of my friends to get married and start a family, most of the items we purchased were what was suggested on the Babies R' Us registry. Most of the items, I will use again, but not with any type of enthusiasm, but of course there are a special few that I can't wait to break out again!

1.) Plain White Onesies
I know, sounds boring - but really, there's a reason why I am mentioning these first. They give a little extra warmth in the winter months, protect your cute clothes from explosive blow outs, and provide an extra barrier from moisture when your child is teething and you often say to yourself, "Wow, I had no idea such a little baby could produce that much saliva." She still wears them. Every. Day. I cringe a little when I think she won't be able to wear them much longer.

2.) Boppy Pillow
Pretty standard when you talk with any mothers out there, but I really don't think I would have been half as successful with breastfeeding without it. I used it when she was just a few hours old in the hospital, during the day, etc., but when I found it especially helpful was at night. During the day (and I have slept more than 3 hours), sure I can support my baby while breastfeeding no problem, but at night when you are half asleep and can hardly lift your head (let alone your baby), you'll be thanking your (insert family/friend here) for giving this to you at your shower.

3.) Ergo Baby Carrier
I had a Moby wrap in the beginning. Worked great, but a bit of a pain to put on. I used it when we went to the grocery store, but that was about it. One day, I just did not want to deal with the 12 something step system of securing Natalie to me. So off to the store I went to pick up an easy baby carrier - Ergo Baby. Oh my my my...ah-mazing. The weight distribution was the first thing I noticed - how could my 15lb baby feel like 3lbs? I don't know, I don't care. All I know is she is 25 lbs now and I can hardly tell the difference. However I will say, you do need an infant insert to use this carrier for younger babies. I didn't use it when Natalie was that young so I cannot give any insight to how it was, but from reading online, the reviews of the infant insert are so-so.

4.) Boppy Lounger
Natalie wasn't a big fan of the swing or the bouncer - really she wasn't a fan of ever being put down. The only time I could ever put her down to get something done for myself was when I put her in this. It looked so comfortable, I wish I could have bought one for myself. It was also great for tummy time!

5.) Sophie the Giraffe
Oh I can't say enough good things about this product. Not only was it adorable, but it also ended up being Natalie's favorite toy. She carried it everywhere and chewed on its ears until her teething self was content. My husband often referred to it as her dog toy because it has an obnoxious squeak that really does remind me of a chew toy, but Natalie seemed to get a kick out of the sound so I really can't complain.

Other life saving products were Straw Sippy Cups (another post), ZIP UP jammies...none of those snap PJ's that take 45 minutes to put on, baby ugg slippers, and circo socks from target. Yes the cheap ones, they are the only socks that would stay on Natalie's feet and I won't be wasting my money on the old navy socks this time around. I wanted to throw those things out the window.

So here is my list! It's small, but its effective. I didn't feel strongly for many things, but the items on this list I can really say worked really well for us!

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