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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hi! It's been a while since I have posted and for good reason! Aria Milan was born on May 3rd, 2013 at 7:15pm weighing 6lbs 12oz and was 21 inches. She has been such a joy but I have definitely realized the saying "1 feels like 1 and 2 feel like 1000" is true. Natalie has adjusted very well but getting used to taking care of a very active 20 month old and a fussy newborn has been a challenge. Anyway, here are the rest of the belly pictures from the end of my pregnancy, followed up by some of Aria's newborn photos. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Thrift shop chair re-do!

Hi everyone! I have been looking for some cheap ways to furnish our new home so after looking on pinterest and other blogs, I decided I could easily recover an old chair from a thrift shop. My first step was looking through a bunch of junk at the local thrift shop and I finally came across this little "gem"

The color was hideous and the cover was dirty but for $20 I couldn't pass it up. On the way home I picked up fabric and piping from Joanns. I already had on hand from refinishing two old dressers primer, white paint and poly.  For the primer I like to use Zinsser Cover Stain. It covers really well and also makes it so you don't have to sand your wood too much. If sanding is preventing you from refinishing your old furniture, I highly recommend this product. For poly I like to use Minwax Polycrylic Protective Finish. It is water based and doesn't yellow the paint over time. Lastly, to my white paint, I added Floetrol, which helps you get a smooth paint finish and avoid brush strokes.

So as for my step by step process, I started by removing the old fabric. I had to remove about 1 million staples to do this but I wanted to do it carefully so I could use the old fabric as a template for how to cut the new fabric. Once I got down to the foam underneath I was pleasantly surprised by its quality so I decided to keep it.

While the cover was off, I primed, painted, and polyed the wood frame. After it was dry and had cured, I cut my fabric to a little bit bigger than my old fabric template just in case I made a mistake. Using a staple gun, I stapled my new fabric in the groove that the old staples sat in. Once that was in place, I cut the excess fabric with a razor blade (careful!!). After my fabric was cut close to the seam I used a hot glue gun and my trim/piping to hide the staples and raw edge of the fabric. It was pretty simple, but I did need another pair of hands to pull the fabric tight while I stapled.

Here is the after:

Here is a side by side of the before and after:
It is definitely not perfect but for my first DIY re-upholstery project, I was very happy with the outcome and for an overall cost of $60, I couldnt be happier with it.

I followed Censational Girl's blog of one of her chair re do's, she has better during pictures (she could have one and it would still be better than mine. I have none lol) so check out her tutorial here for a better idea of how to do it yourself!

Thanks for checking out my blog!


Pregnancy Progress

Here are my pregnancy photos from the last few weeks! Enjoy!

Thanks for checking out our growing baby bump!


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I've been slacking!

Sorry I haven't gotten around to posting belly pictures - Natalie has been keeping me super busy! Here are pics from the last few weeks!

Thanks for looking!!


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Maternity Part I

My husband was kind enough to take maternity photos of me this weekend. It was easy enough, I showed him how to use my camera and voila, instant professional photographer. Kind of lol. With Natalie, I got a babies and bumps package from my wedding photographer, and loved every second of it, but this time around we don't have a lot of extra cash because of building the house so I decided that with the right equipment I could take my own.. I bought a tripod and a remote for my camera, so I don't have to run back and forth and wait for the timer. Yeah, that didn't work out. My Nikon D3100 isn't compatible with any wireless remotes. Not happy. Why the older model and the newer model have the capability but mine doesn't still confuses me but I guess Ill have to get over it. So long story short, yes I will take my own, but it wont be as easy as I was hoping.

Here are some of the pictures he took! They actually came out better than I expected and I saved a lot of money doing them ourselves.

Thanks for checking them out!


Getting Crafty!

Happy Valentines Day!! Natalie and I were able to make some cute Valentines for some of her favorite people a few days ago. Our plan was to make more, but toddlers will be toddlers and both of us ended up with red paint all over us. If nothing else, it was a fun sensory activity for her so it was worth the clean up!

We made them from v-day themed scrapbook paper, cardstock, red acrylic paint (which probably wasn't the best idea, but it was what I had and I watched her like a hawk to make sure she didn't eat it) and a cute little photo. Again, I found the idea on pinterest, here is the link to her blog.

Thanks for looking!
Hi! Sorry I am a few days late! We had a super busy week and I am just now able to get back to posting. We had our 3D ultrasound yesterday which was amazing. I never get tired of seeing her and I think it really helps my husband connect with her. With Nahla, he felt a bond right away because she moved all the time. Kicking, sticking out body parts, he would lightly nudge her and she would nudge back - it was great for him. With Aria, she really never moves...almost to the point that it worries me. I get in enough kicks for my daily kick count but that is it. Maybe she will be my calm baby? Because Natalie definitely had a lot of energy then and has a ton of energy now.

Anyway! Here is a comparison picture of both the girls at their 3D ultrasounds:

 I can't get over how alike they look. I mean, it really shouldn't surprise me, they are sisters but I guess I just wasn't expecting to see so much of Natalie in her. Not complaining, in my very humble parental opinion, I think my little Natalie is just the cutest little thing ever <3

Next - 28 weeks! This week has been great, one of my closest friends is getting ready to give birth to her 2nd son and I cannot wait to see his little face. I am so so excited for them. I really wish I lived closer to them so I could meet him but hopefully she and her family will be moving back shortly and our kiddies can be best friends! As far as my pregnancy, I am definitely starting to feel big, but am still able to do things to I am trying to do as much as possible now. I packed my hospital bag this week, which sounds crazy. I didn't pack one for Natalie and I regretted it as soon as I got to the hospital. I forgot silly things, like shampoo and was annoyed the whole time about it. I wanted to look pretty for pictures! My husband also took a few maternity photos this week, but I will do that in a separate post! (Thanks to pinterest, my 28 week photo was inspired from this blog)

Have a great day!!